Arizona D’Backs Game = Great Night

Members of the U.S. Air Force's 61st Fighter Squadron out of Luke Air Force Base (AFB), Ariz., perform a flyover before the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team season opener April 6, 2010, at Chase Field in Phoenix. A Luke AFB honor guard will present the colors at the game. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Raheem Moore/Released)

OK, the Diamondbacks might not be as good as they were in the early 2000’s when they had Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling (remember those days? Domination!), but they still have one heck of a cool stadium to go catch a game at. One of our favorite things to do during a weekend is go catch a night game with the sky dome open and of course grab some food at a great Phoenix restaurant before, and then check out a bangin’ bar for a nice drink after.

If you plan on catching a game and following our example, which we strongly suggest you do, you need to know a few things to maximize the amazing night you’re going to have. First of all, one of our best insider tips is taking advantage of the light rail. The light rail has made traveling around Phoenix and it’s surrounding cities incredibly easy and if you’re 21 and over it completely takes getting a DUI our of the equation. So, to say the least, we LOVE the light rail and you should too. If you live reasonably close to a light rail station but it’s out of walking distance…. Take an Uber to the station! Just when you thought you couldn’t take advantage of the wonderful Phoenix Valley Metro Light Rail, we come up with an awesome way to overcome these struggles that life gives us.

One of our favorite places that we’ve grabbed grub before the ball game is BobbyQ’s . This place has amazing BBQ at a good price and goes nicely with any beer (we feel beer/wine is good with 100% of meals). If you’re more in the mood for pizza and wings, Federal Pizza has some good stuff goin’ on. After the game, 2 of our favorite spots have been Crescent Ball Room for their awesome live music, and Sky Bar for their laid back hip atmosphere. If you follow this step by step guide on how to have a great night in Phoenix, you will not be disappointed! Please e-mail us with your ideal night out in Phoenix.