Fun Things To Do In Phoenix, Arizona!

Check Out A Phoenix Suns Game!

phoenix-suns-arizonaWe all miss the Steve Nash days just as much as the next person, but catching a Phoenix Suns game or a concert at US Airways Arena is always a blast. This is where the big dogs in music come to blow us Arizonians away with their music. Sure, there’s other smaller music venues around Phoenix like Cricket Wireless Amphitheater, Mesa Amphitheater, and so on… but none even come close when it comes to sound quality and energy compared to the US Airways Arena.

One of our favorite things about the downtown Phoenix arena is that it is centrally located so there’s plenty of bars, clubs, restaurants, and art to check out within walking distance around the arena. We covered the benefits of going to an event in downtown Phoenix, like checking out the Diamondbacks, in another article where we highlight how to make the perfect night out of a baseball game. All of these concepts can definitely be applied when going to an event at the US Airways arena in downtown Phoenix.

If you do go to downtown Phoenix to catch a basketball game, we strongly recommend to check out the “Stella” section of the arena. This section has live musicians that play music during intermissions throughout the game, great food, and bars that are fully stocked so you can drink the night away. One of our favorite places to go after the game is the rooftop bar located a few blocks away form the arena. The rooftop bar features amazing views of downtown Phoenix. After a night spent at the arena, it’s a great place to chill out and take in some beautiful views of downtown Phoenix.

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