Fun Things To Do In Phoenix, Arizona!

Pub Golf In Phoenix, AZ

pub-golf-in-phoenix-azFACT: Pub golf is the safest sport in America! OK, actually after thinking about that one, it’s probably not… Especially after the 8th pub! Second confession… pub golf isn’t a sport. However, it very well possibly could be the most fun bar sports to play! If you’ve never played pub golf, you’re essentially dressing up in golf costumes and going to 9 different bars. Once you get to the bar (keep in mind you’ll be the center of attention and taking pictures with everyone in your sweet golf outfits) everyone orders their drink of choice. Once everyone has their drink in their hand, one person steps up to the tee box and has to slam their drink down. Every time someone stops drinking their drink before their finished, gets 1 stroke per stoppage. As an example of Bill Michelson (ya, coming up with bootleg golf names for this event is highly recommended) steps up to the tee box and has a crown and coke in his hand, he’s gotta slurp that whole sucker down without ┬átaking a break. If he drinks half of it than comes up for air and stops, that’s his 2nd stroke (you get a stroke every time you have to start drinking so the initial first drink counts as one stroke automatically, this way you can’t get a zero for a score). Everyone keeps track of their scores than once everyone drinks their first drink, you move on to the next bar. It’s recommended to map out your route before you start and pick a cluster or bars close to each other that are walking distance apart. You can also ride bikes but this can be extremely sketchy towards the end of the event (ya, real bad). So now you know the rules of the game, lets show you some cool areas to play pub golf in. Here’s our list of top 5 bars to start at:

Downtown Locations

  1. Alice Cooper’s Town
  2. Majerle’s Sports Grills

Camelback & 7th St. Area

  1. Snap Loung
  2. Rosie Mcaffrey’s Irish Pub
  3. Ticoz Retro-Bar

We hope you take full advantage of our recommendations and enjoy a friendly game of pub golf in Phoenix in the near future. If you have any experience playing pub golf in Phoenix, we’d love to hear from you, so please contact us here. We recently wrote an article on how to have a great night in Phoenix here, so if you’re into that sort of thing, please check it out. Thanks for reading!