Fun Things To Do In Phoenix, Arizona!

The Phoenix Convention Center – Oh How Sweet It Is!

phoenix-convention-center-arizonaIf you didn’t know this already…Phoenix has one of the premier convention centers in the country! They always have mind blowing stuff going on there including concerts with 10,000 people, vapor conventions, orchestra performances, trade shows, and so much more! Our group loves to keep informed on what’s going on at the convention center because you just never know what you’re going to find. We usually pick about 4-5 events that we really want to go to and we never get let down. We were happy to see at how well organized their events are because we’ve all been to the poorly run convention where you can hardly move and get around anywhere. They seem to take their time and plan things accordingly which has made all of our experiences at the convention center very nice.

The convention center is conveniently located right in downtown Phoenix so there’s always stuff to do before and after the event. For us, we like to make it into an entire day/night fiasco complete with great food, music shows, and pub crawling! It’s funny because people always ask us how we afford to spend all day and night in Phoenix while spending money on food and drinks but we really don’t spend that much. We actually mapped it out the other day and for our vapor convention experience it was cheaper than we thought. The event ticket was $20, $10 got 2 beers at a local bar afterwards, food at a Mexican restaurant down the street was $15, and than I got 2 more beers at the bar we went to afterwards for another $10. After tips for our food and drinks, the entire day costs $65. We went to the convention at 11, spent 3 hours there, got beers from 2-4, food from 4:30-5:30, then went to the next bar from 6-8, so that’s a total of 9 hours of having fun! I’ll pay $65 for great entertainment, food, and drinks any day of the week! We also don’t do this stuff on the regular. There’s 5 of us that contribute to this blog so if we all go out 4 times per month, that’s a total of 20 experiences we can blog about. Trust me, we don’t make a lot of money but we still manage to have a great time! Anyway, back to the subject at hand… We just wanted to illustrate to you how easy it is to find something new and exciting things to do since there are so many great options in Phoenix and the convention center is certainly one of them. Keep your eyes peeled and sign up for their e-mail notifications so you’ll know when there’s an event you’d like to check out going on. Please contact us with your favorite conventions you’ve attended in Phoenix! We’d love to hear from you!

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